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Build Women empowers women with community support, education, and by transforming corporate culture in the construction industry.




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Being a woman in a male-dominated industry like construction can be a lonely place. Build Women is a community to help you grow, learn, & thrive!

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Welcome to our club where we celebrate every woman who works with buildings and designs, whether you're on a construction site or in an office. Ever felt like you didn't quite fit in? Or wished for a friend who really understands your work? You're in the right place.

I know what it's like to stand out and feel alone in a job where most people are men. I've been there, trying to be heard and to find someone who could guide me. That's why I started Build Women. It's a place for us to come together, learn, and grow stronger.

Here, we help each other become more sure of ourselves, share secrets on how to be the best, and learn how to talk so others will listen. We look for people who can be our guides and help us reach for the stars.

And it's not just about us. We work with companies too! We help them find and keep the best female talent. We show them how to make a place where everyone feels welcome and can get better at what they do. This way, companies grow stronger with women who are happy to be there and doing great work.

Build Women is all about making sure you know how amazing you are. It's about making friends who cheer you on as you build your dreams. We're here to help you be the best you can be at your job and at home. We're ready to build something great, and we want you with us.

Hello lovely! I'm Stefanie.


Together, we're not just building
—we're thriving!

— Amber D.

She is engaging and inspirational. Her message is so special and vital for women to hear. Everyone in the audience left feeling motivated to continue sharing her message forward to the important people in our lives.

— Angela R.

"Coming from a male dominated field, it is clear how valuable Stefanie’s talent is for creating space and empowerment for women to reach their goals and soar to new heights. Thank you having the courage to be YOU and share with others how to do the same!"

— Lori Ann B.

I saw Stefanie as the keynote speaker at GlassBuild America. She was very motivating and she made me want to continue to follow her to learn more tips and how to become more comfortable as a women in the construction trade. Highly Recommend Build Women."

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