The construction and building industry is full of opportunities. The tide is changing and a new generation of leaders and innovation will be needed to make the industry thrive in the next ten years. 

I started Build Women to create a supportive community for women like me. A network I longed for when I was a young leader in the industry. A place where I could network, learn, and connect with amazing leaders & have a "home" where I could be my authentic self. 

Build Women also partners with innovative companies who want to make their culture a place that welcomes the brightest, most diverse minds. Attracting and developing top female talent will give them a competitive edge.  

My heart has always been in the building industry business. 
our mission is to create a place where women can
grow, learn, and thrive. 

Building Women.

Building Homes.

Building Communities.

I'm Stefanie Couch

My heart has always been in the building industry business.
our mission is to create a place where
women can
grow, learn, and thrive. 

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In the dynamic world of construction and building, every brick laid and beam hoisted is a step toward shaping homes and communities. But beyond the physical build, there's a growing need for a new era of leaders and innovators—those who not only construct, but also craft the materials that make our visions a reality. The next ten years will be pivotal, and diversity in thought and leadership is the key to an industry that doesn't just grow, but thrives.

This is why Build Women was founded. It's a sanctuary for women like you, who are carving out their careers in the construction and building materials sectors. Whether you're on the front lines of a build, in the thick of sales negotiations, or perfecting the manufacturing process, Build Women is where you can network, learn, and connect with trailblazers who are redefining the industry.

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Redesigning The Blueprint of Construction

We're intimately familiar with the challenges—like being the sole woman in the salesroom, having your expertise underestimated, or finding the right mentor who understands the nuances of materials manufacturing and sales. Build Women is your champion, offering a space where your experiences are shared, your contributions are valued, and your career growth is inevitable.

Our mission extends to partnering with innovative companies that are committed to transforming their culture into one that celebrates and nurtures the brightest, most diverse minds. We believe that attracting and developing top female talent in sales, manufacturing, leadership, to name a few... is not just a goal—it's a competitive business advantage in today's tough market.

Amanda Watkins

Ben Couch


Stefanie Couch

Ben Couch

Amanda Watkins

"Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller

stefanie couch → CEo & Founder

Stefanie Couch is a champion for diversity and a catalyst for change in the construction and building industry. As the founder of Build Women, she is passionately dedicated to empowering women within this traditionally male-dominated sector. Her initiative provides a vibrant community and a suite of resources aimed at strengthening women's roles in construction, from the job site to the executive suite.

Her commitment to innovation extends to her role as a consultant where she innovates with cutting-edge marketing strategies into the construction industry. Stefanie's extensive experience includes impactful tenure at a Fortune 500 building materials company, where she drove significant growth and led pivotal rebranding campaigns.

Residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Stefanie's approach is marked by her innovative spirit and strategic insight, all aimed at delivering outstanding value and promoting expansion in sales, companies, and professional teams. Her unwavering dedication to advancing women in construction and pioneering new marketing methodologies underscores her role as a transformative leader in the industry.

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ben couch → Coo & Founder

Ben Couch is a dynamic leader whose creative vision and technological expertise significantly bolster Build Women's mission to elevate women in the construction industry. With a rich tapestry of experience in sales, design, photography, and videography, Ben brings stories to life, capturing the essence of our brand and the spirit of the women we champion.

His journey through tech sales, dealer lumber sales at a leading dealer, and law enforcement investigations has endowed him with an unparalleled skill set and a unique perspective that he now dedicates to supporting and promoting women in construction. As COO, Ben is the driving force behind our operations, ensuring that every initiative we undertake is executed with precision and aligns with our goal of creating a more inclusive industry.

At the core of his work, Ben is an advocate for the advancement of women in our field, providing the support and resources necessary for them to thrive. His proactive leadership is essential to the growth and impact of Build Women, making him an integral part of our team and the broader movement towards gender equality in construction.

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amanda watkins → VP of Operations

Amanda Watkins is the operational heartbeat of Build Women, where she serves as the Vice President of Operations. Her role extends beyond the day-to-day efficiencies; she is the steward of our vibrant community and the architect of our continuous learning and education programs. With a master's degree and 12 years in the educational sector, Amanda brings a depth of knowledge and a strategic approach to nurturing the growth and development of women in the construction industry.

Her meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive oversight ensure that our operations run seamlessly, supporting a platform where women can connect, learn, and lead.

At the core of Amanda's work is a profound commitment to women's leadership and empowerment. She is a champion for creating pathways for women to excel and advance in construction, believing fervently in the power of education to open doors and shatter glass ceilings.

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Meet the Innovators on the build women team

Meet Our Team

My uber cute golden retriever pup, Heidi Pearl!
She is the Chief Snack Officer (CSO)
for Build Women.

Motivational Speaking! I love speaking to groups of women & men. Encouraging them to go for their goals!

Beautiful homes & interior design are my favorite!
I love spending time looking at homes & building them.

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...

Teaching driven women how to create a life they love!
Helping them build their confidence to grow their brands and careers.

Entrepreneurship, Building Businesses, & Growing My Personal Brand To Impact The World!

Spending time with my husband &
business partner, Ben.
Traveling with him & having adventures together.


I get to help women & companies change the blueprint of construction through creating innovative
& inclusive cultures.


Founded Build Women & Build Gen Next.
Left my corporate job.


Started speaking at events & focusing on women's leadership in the building industry.


Moved to Texas & started two greenfield door shops as a regional marketing & sales leader.


Began a new role as a marketing manager.
Started designing marketing strategies.


Began training other people on how to grow their business selling doors and millwork.


Started as an inside sales specialist selling doors for a two-step distributor in Georgia.


Started working full time in a family retail lumber business.

stefanie's building industry Timeline

where I've been

Early Years

Born into the lumber business.
I have loved it since

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