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Explore how a partnership with Build Women not only champions inclusivity, but also strategically positions your company for increased profitability and a competitive edge in the building industry.

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Work with Build Women to conduct detailed culture audits and develop strategic plans that solidify your commitment to nurturing and retaining top female talent, enhancing innovation and profitability.

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Access Build Women University's established workshops and classes, or collaborate with us to create custom training programs tailored to your company's specific needs.

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Invite Stefanie Couch for compelling keynote addresses and events that spotlight the significance of diversity and the power of Build Women University's principles in enriching
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Your company needs a robust development program for female talent, but lacks the time to create one.

Your company seeks ready-to-implement development programs for women's growth.

Your business prioritizes fostering innovation & your leadership is ready to support the initiative.

Your company is committed to elevating female talent and providing them with a network to plug into.

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"Companies with gender-diverse executive teams are 25% more likely to achieve above-average profitability."
(Source: McKinsey & Company)

-Tina B., VP. of Sales & Marketing

Stefanie possesses an infectious energy that captivates and engages any room she enters, impacting lives from the very first interaction. She's the industry powerhouse you want in your corner, the ideal team member, and the perfect collaborator for your next major project. With her guidance, you'll identify your business's next growth opportunities and craft a strategic plan to achieve them, all while she provides unwavering support and holds you accountable.

As a dynamic public speaker and an advocate for the LBM sector, women's advancement, and positivity, Stefanie is a force that propels change and inspiration. 

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