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Invite Stefanie Couch to your next event and ignite a transformative experience for your audience. Stefanie, a seasoned expert in the construction industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and an empowering message tailored for both women and men in the field.

Her keynote speeches, ranging from "The Power of Confidence" to "Leaping Over Fear," are not just talks but life-changing experiences. They offer practical insights and actionable strategies, inspiring attendees to embrace their strengths, build their personal brand, and thrive in male-dominated environments.

A Voice for Women in the
Construction & Building Industry

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— lori ann b.

"Stefanie's keynote at GlassBuild America was highly motivating, especially for women in construction. Her presentation inspired continued learning and confidence. Highly recommend her for your event!"

  • Expertise in Construction: With a decade of experience in a Fortune 500 distribution company for building materials, Stefanie understands the industry's unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Empowering Women: As the founder of Build Women, Stefanie is dedicated to transforming corporate culture and supporting women in construction.

  • Engaging and Inspirational: Known for her dynamic and engaging speaking style, Stefanie leaves her audience motivated and equipped to make a tangible impact in their careers and lives.

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industry &
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unshakeable confidence


overlooked & underestimated 

self-doubt & fear


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women at your event will:

  • Unleash Your Inner Unicorn: Mastering the Power of Confidence

  • Personal Brand Brilliance: Building Your Unique Identity

  • How To Win At ANything: the formula for success

  • Navigating Male-Dominated Spaces: A Woman's Guide to Thriving

  • Courageous Leaps: Overcoming Fear and Moving Forward confidently

  • Strengths as Superpowers: Harnessing Your Innate Talents

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